In selling your home, it is essential to properly define each room and space in order to give potential buyers the best perspective of the house and to sell them on the experience of living there. Check out our home staging work!

A Great Living Room starts with a great sofa and a perfect size of rug. Being one of the most used spaces in the house, which means it not only needs to look great but also needs to be functional and comfortable. Create table centerpiece with a vase or candle, but why not a chess set? Plus they make the perfect accent piece for entertaining guests!

A Dining Area, You may be wondering, "Why bother learning the correct way to position plates and silverware? The food will taste the same either way!" Here's why: It signals to guests who do appreciate proper table settings that their feelings are important to you. Also, even just to make a beautiful presentation to put a smile on your family member who walk by every time.

A Kitchen Island serves many functions, and a multilevel countertop can maximize its flexibility even further. Using a earthy tone basket and bowl add warmth to a dark colour marble counter. 

It's all about Bathroom, make your en suite bathroom feel luxe by including stylish seating such as an ottoman! Details matter! little details, like a marble tray on the counter, can take your bathroom design from fine to fabulous.

Lady. E Décor can make your house a home, turn your empty space into a lively, cozy and enticing living environment. Get your 30-60 minute complimentary consultation here

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